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My 7 Tips on Getting Back Into Shape

If your mind and attitude isn’t positive then no matter how much you want to change, it’s unlikely to happen. You should recognize that the main obstacle in your fitness journey will be yourself!

For the first 5 months of my 2nd baby being born, I wanted to change several things about my lifestyle, but my mind was negative and putting up lots of excuses (some admittedly valid!) and I ended up talking myself into doing nothing. I did an exercise routine here and there, not consistent at all. I alternated between eating well in the morning but by evening I’d eat awfully for comfort. As a result, I lacked energy, was always feeling uncomfortable in clothes & didn’t like how I looked in the mirror.

The wake-up call was finding myself too tired and mentally exhausted to enjoy my children. The full realisation of that was the final straw and I decided overnight to stop thinking negatively and discipline myself. Once I switched to a positive mindset, I started making structural changes to my lifestyle and it’s been paying off – I’m now a more calm, happy and relaxed mum and have more energy with my children now.

My kids are my motivation. I want to be strong for them. The additional motivation is that I want them to grow up in an environment where eating healthy and being actively fit is normal part of their life and hopefully something they continue as they get older.

Here are my tips on getting back into shape after having kids:

Be positive, feel strong!

"1. Be Positive!"

I repeat BE POSITIVE ! You’re doing this for yourself and your children so keep that in focus. Sometimes your worst enemy is your own mind stopping you from even starting – don’t listen to that and instead just set yourself a rule that you’ll be making positive changes regardless of any discouraging pressures. Worth repeating again – BE POSITIVE!

"2. Wake Up Early"

Go to bed earlier and wake up 5am/6am and get your workout done without any procrastinating and over-thinking. It all starts with your attitude in the morning.  Go to the gym if its nearby and convenient, go for a run or do a home workout in the living room. When you build these habits, you start to feel positive about doing this one task. The thing about being successful in working out and losing weight is your attitude when you first wake up.

"3. Follow a Plan (any Plan!)"

There are so many online trainers with video footage and very detailed workouts with a day to day routine plan. Do your research making sure their workouts fit your goals. Read reviews about them visit their websites. Alternatively buy a DVD or make up your own routine.  Whether it be, bands at home, weights at the gym, running or powerwalking the important thing is to have a plan that you’re following. The secret is not in the plan – but in following it!

"4. Don't Expect Results Straight Away"

A lot of people give up because they don’t see change after the first week but remember keep going, they will come. No one has ever transformed their body in a month remember that.

"5. It's Not Easy"

There will be days when you don’t feel like working out, or even getting out of bed. The routines will be hard and you will have to push through. But in order for you to achieve your body goals and mind goals, you are going to have to do a lot of things you don’t feel like. It’s normal but you just have to keep going. After you have completed that workout you wanted to so badly skip you will feel alive, more positive and definitely more disciplined in future workouts. Success breeds success (but don’t let the odd lapse put you down!).

"6. Diet"

Changing my diet not only changed my body but how I felt mentally. I eat more vegetables and protein with healthier carbs. I eat fruit instead of chocolate. You just need to do research on healthy foods, know what’s good and what’s bad for you. What foods will benefit you depending on your goals. It’s ok to treat your self every once in a while. Just be sensible.

"7. Finally...Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself"

You’re going to have off days – that’s a fact. You might miss a few workouts, indulge in two many deserts. Some of your gains may start reversing and that that can be demoralizing, but DON’T let that give you an excuse to give up. It’s absolutely normal to have off days – so don’t be too hard on yourself ! Just pick up where you left off. Instead of thinking too much about the blip focus instead on the long term goals you have set yourself and give yourself a pat on the back for continuing.

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