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About Lucy

Welcome to my blog

I’m Lucy Jayne and I’m married to a wonderful man and I have two beautiful young children who keep me busy and inspired!

My blog is a way for me to share things I’m interested in, my experiences, and tips I’ve learnt over time on keeping a family running. Topics will range from my fitness, fashion, style, travel, child rearing and a whole host of other things that I hope readers will find of interest. It’s basically an honest and open part of who I am. You’ll also find a lot of tips on make-up as I studied in one of London’s top make-up schools – which together with my passion for fashion I hope will find interested readers out there.

Travels - Keeping Fit - Motivation

Its convenient to split my history into BC (Before Children) and AC (After Cildren) and they are both very different! BC I had always loved travelling and despite the additional logistics involved since AC I have continued to do so! I’ve been lucky to have discovered many beautiful child friendly vacations along the way which I will share plus tips that will make things a little smoother. I’m currently exploring and experiencing Australia with my little family.

Working out has also always been very important to me – its an integral part of who I am now. I have a few routines I stick with but every so often I mix it up. I never calorie count or follow any diet fad. I just try and keep it healthy (I’ll share some recipes that I love, and some tips on eating healthy but yummy food).

Motivation is key to a lot of things so I’ll have tips on how to keep motivated, because we all have days when we want to let things go and take the easy, but not necessarily the healthiest road !

My Familly

I love being a mum to my two darlings. Their laughs and cuddles make me feel alive (and makes me temporarily forget the tears and tantrums!) . Its difficult being a mummy to little humans who don’t know what they want or how to express themselves – but the love they give outweighs the hard work!

Hope you enjoy my thoughts and shared experience on these blogs!